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Medical Pandas

*NEW* MedicalPandas Clothing

teepublic.com/medicalpandas IS NOW LIVE!!!! 

I am really excited to offer this to you guys. This will be all around the most cost efficient option for you guys while offering every single size, color, and style you could imagine. Below is some info about this site and sample products I imagined up as examples. 

How Does it work? 

TeePublic allows me to list any designs I want onto any of their available products! Once you order, teepublic prints your items & ships them out on their own. These items never cross my path, and will NOT include any of the normal extras or notes. I also DO NOT control the pricing. I make a % off items sold, but otherwise, this is an entirely different store than MedicalPandas.com  I will help answer any questions you have previous to placing an order, but all other shipping & order questions must be directed to teepublic.  I WILL STILL OFFER PINS & STICKERS ON MEDICALPANDAS.COM  

What can I order? 
An assortment of men's AND women's tshirts, vnecks, tanks, long sleeves, hoodies, zip ups, and more in multiple sizes and colors. // Kids shirts, long sleeves, and onesies. // Phone cases, laptop cases, notebooks, and mugs. 

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